Luxury of the North
How to live in the Arctic without compromises.

The Luxury of the North workshop was organized by the Why Factory for creating many ideas for living luxurious in the extremely cold climate in the Arctic. Two groups of nine people were competing against each other. We had ten days to create a city plan and many product ideas. I’ve added some ideas on which I’ve worked and the concept of the city is written below.

The ever-changing ice city

A city placed in the north pole, with such extreme conditions can’t avoid working differently in different seasons. While under the 24-7 sun of summer inhabitants have an endless opened space (but also a disturbing over-light), in winter it’s impossible to conceive any dispensable activity outdoors, bringing the need for sheltered public spaces and comfortable houses lifted from the floor.

A city that responds to the weather

In this proposed city, the intension is to use the few exist- ing resources to address a response to both problems. In that sense, all buildings will be made by ice and placed at a bay sheltered from the strong and freezing NE wind. Because of their ice material, they will respond naturally to the seasons, sinking to under water in summer to provide a filtered light and floating over the ice in winter to escape from the floor and create a sheltered public space under the ice bridges that connect the buildings at summer.

Anti-freeze and Anti-melt techniques

In order to live a luxurious life (instead of only surviving) in such a place, in order to export products thought for this situation and to attract people from the rest of the world, a pair of techniques should be applied to every product: The “anti-freeze” and the “anti-melt” techniques.